Document presentation can always be improved with the use of one of our laminating system’s.

Everyone knows just how important it is to ensure that their documents remain attractive to the reader whilst adding value.

Why stop at Matt and Gloss laminating when you could have tactile and durable films such as Soft Touch or Anti Scratch laminate. Another addition is the use of Foiling and Spot Varnish to enhance a front cover or any marketing-promotional printed document. This can be achieved using one of our manual or fully automatic laminators.

For more information ask one of our specialists who will be happy to talk to you about what you can do to enhance your existing set-up to offer outstanding results for yourself or your clients for very little outlay.

Protect Your Documents Using an A2 Laminator

Many businesses now produce these high quality documents to showcase their products and services, which can become increasingly more expensive to produce if they have to continually re-print the document should any dirt or damage occur.

This is why many are now turning to investing in a laminator for their business. Long gone are the days where only A4 paper could be laminated- we now have machines which can protect a wide range of sizes, such as an A2 laminator for much larger documents and an A3 laminator for A3 sized printed pages.

Lamination of paper media not only provides a reliable barrier against dirt and damage, it also gives the reader the opportunity to temporarily make notes directly onto the document with a dry-wipe pen. This can be especially helpful for some industries whose documents require notes to be taken, or for design companies who want to save money by providing a temporary template to their designers which can be wiped off when required.

Find an Affordable A2 and A3 Laminator at CLC

No matter what you require a laminator for in your business, it’s incredibly important to know that you can rely on the piece of equipment to function correctly every time it is used, and not damage your document in the process.

With this in mind, we only stock A3 and A2 laminators made by manufacturers who have an incredible industry reputation. Not only does this give you access to some of the most reliable machines in the world, it will also give you the confidence in the machine which you may not have from a lesser known manufacturer.

If you would like to find out more information about our A2 laminator and A3 laminator products, please contact our team today by calling our London office on 0203 826 3959, or our Scotland office on 01324 473 233 where we will be happy to advise you based on your enquiry.

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