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About Laminating Film

Maximize Document Protection with High-Quality Laminating Film

Secure and enhance your important documents with our selection of top-quality Laminating Film. Ideal for a range of applications, from preserving alphabet letters to protecting wide-format graphics, our laminating film provides durability and versatility for both personal and professional use.

Understanding Laminating Film

  • Composition: Made from materials like polyester or PVC, coated with an adhesive that can be activated by heat or high-pressure.
  • Convenience: Designed for use with roll laminators, allowing continuous document feeding without stopping.
  • Variety: Available in different roll widths and mil thicknesses, catering to diverse project requirements.

Choosing the Right Film for Your Project

Selecting the perfect laminating film involves considering the laminator size, desired flexibility, and finish of the laminated item. Whether you need a glossy finish or a more rigid document, our range covers all your needs.

What types of projects are suitable for roll laminating film?

Our laminating film is versatile, perfect for everything from small documents to large graphics.

Can I use these films with any laminator?

Ensure the roll width and mil thickness match your laminator’s specifications for compatibility.

How do I choose between glossy and matte finishes?

Consider the visual effect you want for your document. Glossy finishes are more vibrant, while matte offers a subtler look.

Is the film durable for long-term use?

Absolutely, our laminating film is designed for durability, protecting your documents from wear and tear.

What’s the range of thicknesses available?

We offer films ranging from 1.5 mil to 10 mil, catering to different levels of document rigidity.

What is Roll Laminating Film?

When you’re on a roll, you don’t want to stop or slow down! Laminating film lets you run several documents through your laminator without needing to stop the machine. But what exactly is the film made from?

Let’s get technical. Laminating film is made of a base film, such as polyester or PVC, and is then coated with an adhesive. Adhesives can be activated either by thermal heat or by high-pressure. This coated film is wound around a cardboard core, which is loaded into your roll laminator.

Generally, roll laminators use sets of two rolls – one on top and one on bottom. Your documents are fed in between these two rolls and the laminator uses heat and/or pressure to activate the adhesive, creating your laminated document.

Choosing the Right Laminating Film

Roll films can cover a wide variety of projects. Whether you’re laminating odd sized documents, like alphabet letters, or wide graphics, such as a window sign, there’s the right film for you.

When selecting roll film, first think about the size of your laminator. Roll widths can vary between 12 inches and 64 inches. Make sure the size will fit in your machine.

Next, consider how flexible you want your laminated items to be. Mil thickness can range from 1.5 mil up to 10 mil. The higher the mil number, the more rigid your final document will become.

Finally, think about the finish on your laminated documents. Do you want glossy or matte items? Should they have a luster or textured quality? These decisions will help guide you through selecting the best film for your project.