Laminating Pouches can be used with your Laminating Machine and are specifically designed to give your documents a professional look. Whilst protecting them from tears and spills.

About Laminating Pouches

  • Our Gloss and Matt Laminating Pouches allow you to place pieces of paper inside which further increases their longevity and improves presentation. Thanks to these durable pouches, if your paper is regularly passed around from person to person, it is vital that they remain readable, legible, and intact. Our encapsulating pouches are made from tough plastic in various microns and sizes, so we can offer your document protection no matter what it is. Keep out liquids and other contaminants, any pictures and/ or diagrams will remain bright, and your documents will stay legible through frequent use and repeated handling.

Uses for Laminating Pouches

  • Laminating/Lamination Pouches are commonly used in schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, offices, small and large businesses, retail outlets, sports clubs and many more situations. They are quick and simple way to give all kinds of documents a professional finish. Durable, water-resistant and wipe clean to protect your important documents from spills, tears, creases, and smudges.

A4 Laminating Pouches and A3 Laminating Pouches

  • Our most popular sizes of pouches are A4 Laminating Pouches and A3 Laminating Pouches. Perfect for keeping most standard sized documents and self-made printed signs clean and protected against spillages and wear and tear. We stock these items in large quantities making them cost effective and suitable for a variety of organisations where high volumes of paperwork require lamination.

A3 and A4 Laminating Pouches Micron Guide

  • What is a micron? A3 and A4 Laminating Pouches are available in different thicknesses so that your document can be protected with different levels of durability. This is calculated in microns. Also known as a micrometre, a micron is one millionth of a metre or one thousandth of a millimetre, 0.001 mm. The greater the number of microns, the more rigid and durable the laminated document will be.
Micron Composition Each Side
150 Micron 75 Micron + 75 Micron
200 Micron 100 Micron + 100 Micron
250 Micron 125 Micron + 125 Micron
350 Micron 175 Micron + 175 Micron
  • A3 – 303mm x 426mm
  • A4 – 216mm x 303mm

Laminating Pouches

Pouch Size Micron Box/Qty Price
A7 (Gloss) 125/250 100 £3.87
A6 (Gloss) 75/150 100 £5.30
A6 (Gloss) 250/500 50 £7.00
A5 (Gloss) 75/150 100 £4.66
A5 (Gloss) 125/250 100 £6.28
A4 (Gloss) 75/150 100 £7.11
A4 (Gloss) 125/250 100 £10.95
A4 (Gloss) 250/500 50 £19.85
A3 (Gloss) 75/150 100 £13.84
A3 (Gloss) 125/250 100 £22.06
A3 (Gloss) 250/500 50 £21.25
A2 (Gloss) 125/250 100 £46.31
A2 (Gloss) 125/250 50 £23.21
Credit 54×86 (Gloss) 125/250 100 £3.65
Military 65×95 (Gloss) 125/250 100 £5.65
IBM 59×83 (Gloss) 125/250 100 £4.85
Luggage 64×108 (Gloss) 125/250 100 £6.75
Badge 67×98.5 (Gloss) 125/250 100 £4.00
A4 (Matt) 75/150 100 £17.60
A4 (Matt) 125/250 100 £20.35
A3 (Matt) 75/150 100 £24.98
A3 (Matt) 125/250 100 £35.00



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Delivery is free in all orders over £150.00 on delivery to mainland United Kingdom. Any order under £150.00 there will be a £10.95 Carriage Charge applied (Excluding VAT). We can offer Same Day, Next Day AM, Overseas Services also, please phone our sales team on 01324 473 233 with you address details to calculate an accurate price for order. Some of the larger equipment will have to be delivered on a pallet again we will confirm a cost dependant on the size, weight and delivery location.

Payment Options

The new CLC Online Shop allows our customers to purchase goods online. All online transactions require a credit or debit card. CLC also take orders over the phone on 01324 473 233. We usually take a card payment from all new customers, and thereafter give our customers the options to apply to set up a credit account for all future orders.


Once you have received your order, you can return any item for an exchange or refund. The returned good must be unused and returned in the original packaging and in a re-saleable condition within 7 days of receipt of your goods. Please note that all returned items will incur a 20% handling charge (unless returned due to fault or damage).
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